30 March 2023
Professional exams prepare an adviser well for handling the technical aspects of tax enquiries. Practical skills are acquired through ...
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14 March 2023
One of the unique things about Taxteq is the incredibly private and secure online environment that we provide you and your clients with.   ...
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25 January 2023
Domicile is an important concept in tax. If HMRC decides to challenge a client’s domicile status, the stakes can be high. And proving ...
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Thought Leadership
9 November 2022
I’ve spent 22 years as an airline pilot, seeking perfection by diligently working through predefined lists of tasks and actions, ...
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Use Case
25 May 2022
One day a few years ago, I was handed an archiving list. It was a routine event. As I was marking files for destruction however, one set ...
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“Enquiries cause a heart-sink moment because you know it will take time, money and stress. If you can’t prevent them, the next best thing is for the client and advisor to be well-prepared”

Paul Aplin OBE, Senior Advisor